Tis agapis mahairia – (TV Series, 62 Episodes)

Episode 1, aired January 2006 (GREECE)IMDB

Director: Stratos Markidis
Writers: Dina Kassou (supervising writer), Ivonne Metaxaki
Stars: Kostas Sommer, Fei Zafeirakou, Giannis Voglis, Spiros Focás, Melina Boteli, Nikos Verlekis, Giannis Karatzogiannis, Toni Dimitriou and many more…

Plot Summary: Tis Agapis Maheria (Love’s piercing) is a dramatic television series by Stratos Markidis and a screenplay Yvonne Metaxaki raised by ANT1. The series takes place in Crete and narrates the vendetta between two families, Stamatakides and Leventogiannides.

Original release, January 16, 2006 – June 27, 2007.