Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas – Movie 2009

The true story of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas. Links: IMDB

Having admitted to over 300 murders, Henry Lee Lucas was one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. Lucas’s story has held particular fascination for filmmakers and has been loosely told in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and Confessions of a Serial Killer, but director Michael Feifer.

Michael Feifer (who has also made films about Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, BTK, and the Boston Strangler) takes a more factual approach with this disturbing biopic. Antonio Sabato Jr. turns in a chilling performance as Lucas, who, after a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his sadistic mother, embarks on a coldblooded killing spree with the help of fellow drifter Ottis Toole (Kostas Sommer).

Director: Michael Feifer
Writers: Wood Dickinson, Michael Feifer | 1 more credit »
Stars: Antonio Sabato Jr., Kostas Sommer, John Burke & Kelly Curran