XTREME SOMMER is produced by 1821 Media.

Kostas Sommer, a Greek film star, travels to various cities around the world and goes on extreme adventures — anything from skydiving and shark-diving to driving a race car or riding a bull in a rodeo. The first ten episodes will be shot in the United States in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Houston.

No event is too extreme or too dangerous for Kostas Sommer to experience first-hand. So he travels from city to city, looking for one more way to put his life on the line. And we’re lucky enough to come along for the ride.

Riding a bucking one-ton rodeo bull and hunting poisonous rattlesnakes in Arizona. Ice-climbing up two thousand vertical feet and driving a ten-team dog sled in Colorado.  Taking a boat within FEET of spewing lava from an active volcano in Hawaii. Shark-diving off the coast of San Diego. Flying Mach-3 in a MIG Jet. Being set on fire on a Hollywood movie set. Street-luging. Skydiving. Demolition Derby!

A star from Greece who has been featured worldwide in movies and television, Kostas Sommer tackles each challenge with enough charisma and wit to keep us smiling as we hover on the edge of our seats. Some will wish they could be Kostas as he puts his body on the line. Some will simply be glad it’s HIS body on the line instead of theirs. Either way, XTREME SOMMER delivers thirty minutes of danger-filled fun.